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There are more then 10 species of scorpions in Texas but only two common species of scorpions in Austin.
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Can a Scorpion sting really kill you?

There are 1,000 reported deaths from scorpion stings in Mexico every year (see www.emedicine.com). In the United States, over 13,000 stings reported annually. A large number of them happened to be non-lethal. It is estimated that one death a year occurs in Arizona from scorpion stings. In the entire world, there are 1,500 species of Scorpion; 50 are lethal to humans. Each has a different and unique sting that gives a variety of painful features.Some will not sting at all but merely bite.

The painful sting may introduce lethal venom to your body. A person's body weight and allergies determine if the venom will be lethal. Deaths are more likely to occur in small children due to their lower body weight. Deaths are also more likely to occur in the elderly because their bodies can not metabolize the venom quickly enough. But mainly the cause of death is allergic. Recently a 6ft. 8in. 250+ lbs man was stung and as a result, the left half of his body was paralyzed for an entire week. At a much younger age, the sting could have been lethal to him. It is advised that if an individual has a severe reaction such as convulsions or paralysis to seek medical attention as soon as possible. Most hospitals will carry the anti-venom for scorpion venom.

Deaths usually occur within the first 24 hours. Deaths usually occur when no medical attention is sought. It is better to be safe then sorry. So we recommend contacting a medical professional or calling the toll free number below.

Call Poison control center at: (800-222-1222)

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Coming soon... www.ScorpionReport.com will soon offer an avenue to report scorpion stings so that the nation has a better calculation of actual stings.

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