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Scorpions Eat insects. They really enjoy a nice juice cricket for dinner. If food is scarce they will feed on other scorpions as well.


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Important Scorpion Info:

Austin Scorpion Control

Scorpions have been found in Austin Texas for many years. Scorpions also live in the following states, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas. Scorpions can migrate to other states as a homeowner moves by hiding in storage boxes, clothes, or other dark places. Because Scorpions are arachnids, they can multiply and adapt to all states. In fact, they are found as high up as Alaska. Because they feed on insects and are attracted to moisture, Scorpions can survive in almost anywhere. In a home, Scorpions are more likely to survive because we humans maintain a controlled environment. Meaning we keep it at a constant temperature. It does not rain or snow inside our homes. In such a controlled environment, arachnids can easily acclimatize to the newly discovered turf. One of the most important things to prevent Scorpions from hiding in places like storage boxes, or even your home, is to seek a Scorpion Control Professional near you. You may also use a Do-it-yourself pest control technique.

What Does a Scorpion look like?
The Size range of mature Scorpions can be from 1 inch to greater then 7 inches in length. The coloration of the Scorpion can have a variety from, tan, light yellow, to dark brown, and black. True Scorpions are identifed by the long arched stinger with poisonous venom lurking inside and the large claws at the front of its body. Scorpions have 2-12 eyes but most cannot see very well. In fact, the Texas Scorpions are nearly blind!

The Scorpion has a 3-part body, the Cephalothorax (Head), their 7 part segmented body, and the tail, which contains 6 segments. Scorpions have 8 legs like other arachnids and 2 additional arms/claws. Yes, the claws are funcional and can pinch down on prey. The Bark Scorpion, which is common to Southern U.S. and Mexico, has the coloration of light tan and dark brown stripes on its back. It has a long thin tail that can expand its body length to 8 cm (3.14 in.). The female Bark Scorpion can grow to a maximum length of 7 cm (2.75 in.).

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How do they reproduce?
As you may not have known, Scorpions do not lay eggs; they give birth to their young. The newborn scorpions then climb aboard the mothers back until they molt for their first time, which is usually a week or so after birth. A Female scorpion can care for up to 100 new born at a time. They nest in places under woodchips, stored boxes in garages, mulch piles, and in flowerbeds.

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Where are Scorpions most common?
Most Scorpions are native to the desert. If behind your backyard you have a desert, Scorpions are very likely to enter your home. Scorpions like to be around Palm trees and Orange Tree Orchards because they both contain a lot of water. You will see them a lot more at night then you would in the day. You usually find them in shady areas. You find them around areas where you have many other pests as well. This is because the Scorpions need food to survive.
Scorpions are widely distributed south of 49' N, except for places like New Zealand and Antarctica. They also live in parts of Europe.
A technique on locating scorpions is using a black light. When using a black light, Scorpions glow and they are much easier to see. Why do they glow? Scorpions have a layer of protein in their Exoskeletons. Unlike humans, they do not have lungs to breathe through. They have something called an Exoskeleton, which enables them to breath through their sides. Because of this Skeleton, you can see the Scorpion light up because the scorpion has the Exoskeleton. That's why when you step on a Scorpion it makes a "Crunch" noise, because you are breaking its Exoskeleton.

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Scorpion Habitat Info:

During the day, they live under rocks and logs. They will also nest and hide in the walls of your home. Wall voids provide everything a scorpion could want. They are stocked with other insects. Condensation on pipes proved moisture to drink from. The temperature is always pleasant. Treating wall voids is necessary to maintain control.
At night, they come out and wait for prey to walk by. Scorpions are nocturnal pests, sleeping in the day and hunting at night. You may find scorpions in your clothes, bedding, towels, shoes, hats, baseball gloves, under cabinets, books, toys, and in many other crevasses of a home. At the end of the night, they look for shelter and any tight space will do. These locations are often most dangerous for humans because when we disturb the sleeping creature they feel threatened and will attack.

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By calling the number on this page we will put you in contact with an Austin Pest Control Professional. The professional will give you more information on what you can do stop the Scorpion infestation.

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There are many different types of scorpions. 50 are potentially harmful.

Chilean Chocolate Scorpion - More aggressive Painful Sting
Desert Hairy Scorpion Painful Sting Fairly Aggressive
Bark Scorpion Lethal Sting More Aggressive

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Really, very few species of scorpion in North America are lethal. The problem is, is that most of the scorpions in North America are poisonous. Some of the poisonous toxins can be lethal. Receiving Scorpion Control is the best thing to do if you were to see even one scorpion in your home. Seeing just one scorpion means your entire home is infested with scorpions. Females give birth to up to 100 scorpions. After a year of her giving birth, you will begin to see many scorpions all about your home.




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